Message from the CEO

We are…L3 Technologies

Since our founding in 1997, L3 has delivered outstanding performance, value and innovation to our government and commercial customers around the world. We’ve enhanced our portfolio of market-leading products and services, expanded our customer base and global footprint, and established ourselves as a top 10 aerospace and defense contractor. Throughout this journey, L3 has stayed true to our core: a technology-driven company focused on delivering maximum value to all of our stakeholders.

To better reflect our position as a global provider of a broad and growing array of advanced technology products and services, we have changed our name to L3 Technologies. L3 was built upon a foundation of engineering expertise and technology leadership, and both play key roles in our growth moving forward.

As we enter our next decade, L3 is committed to maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and agility that distinguish us from our competitors. Performance is paramount, both in what we deliver and how we deliver it. Innovation is central to developing cost-effective solutions that meet our customers’ evolving realities. Accountability and integrity define how we conduct business as we help the men and women who keep our world safe.

L3 invites you to explore our website to learn more about our world-class technology products and services and the talented people and businesses behind them.

− Michael T. Strianese
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer